10 Ways To Inspire Blog Post Ideas

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10 Ways To Inspire Blog Post Ideas

Postby Aman » Sun Nov 29, 2015 2:14 am

I am one of those people who start a blog or other project and then drop it as soon as I draw a blank on the ideas. When I started my own website, I made a promise to myself and my readers that I would not do that this time! I still have periods where life gets in the way and I may not be able to post as regularly as I want, but I will come back and pick up on it. One of the biggest problems I face is coming up with ideas to write about! I am positive that this is a problem with many others as well. So here is a list of things I do in order to get ideas. Don’t forget to have a notepad or something to record your ideas on because if you’re anything like me, they disappear almost as fast as they come!

1. Look at other blogs in similar niches. You can spend hours reading through posts and finding all kinds of ideas to blog about. Don’t copy though(it’s illegal)…make your blog your own, not someone else’s.

2. Get OFF the computer! Go for a 20 minute walk, or dance with kids. Exercise gets oxygen to your brain, which in turn helps you think better.

3. Pick up a notebook (yes, real paper and pen) and write down some ideas. I had 25 minutes during my teachers speech class yesterday, I brought paper and pen and literally brainstormed the entire time and came up with over 100 ideas for blog posts!

4. Sit down and just start writing. Write the first thing that comes to mind and see if you can write a post from there!

5. Look at old posts on your own blog, can you expand on an idea from one of those posts? If so, that will also give you opportunity to create an internal link to your own site which is good for SEO.

6. Read books in your niche. This is similar to looking at other blogs but for me, it seems to bring a whole new set of ideas!

7. Look at forums to see what kind of questions people are asking and answer them in a blog post!

8. Think about your day, anything that may interest people? Talk about your day or a project you are doing. You may be surprised about what kind of things will make others connect with you.

9. Join a blog challenge! You would be surprised how much a challenge can inspire you to keep going. By working along side of others, you can get lots of ideas.

10. Ask your blog readers and other social media followers what questions they have and answer them in a blog post. You can also create a poll about various topics they may want to hear more about.This is a list of some of the things I am doing to try to come up with blog niche ideas.

Once I started implementing these things, I came up with more ideas than I have time to write about! What kind of things do you do to come up with blog post ideas?


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