[TIPS] Top Strategy to get Content writing Jobs for Beginners

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[TIPS] Top Strategy to get Content writing Jobs for Beginners

Postby Sathishluvsatz1 » Thu Apr 21, 2016 9:28 pm

Top Strategy to obtain Content Writing Job easily

Hi, by this post you will be able to understand how to get more content writing assignment to earn money online easily.
All you have to do is just dedication and patience even LUCK also favours the most. To get into article writing job the following criteria should be fulfilled as well.

1.You must know how to blog as it is the core industry to travel with the writing jobs.
2.You must be aware of the sort of typings and writings such as the key features of Ghostwriting, freelance writing, creative writing, sales letter writing, review writing, Technical writing and Non-Technical writing, copywriting and other major writing types.
3.A little basic knowledge about writing SEO post. (Will be posted soon about this)
4.A domain that shows your full portfolio.
5.A social media presence.
6.Dedication and patience.
7.Grammarly extension (optional).
8.At least 10 email id.
9.Zoho invoicing account Free (optional).
10.A Bank account with all details such as IFSC code, Branch code and Branch name.

At first, you should be aware of different types of writing style. Then you should create a free blog and write contents that are well written without any errors such as spelling errors or grammatical flaws. It is recommended to use GRAMMARLY browser extension to debug the errors while writing on the go.

By creating your free blog on Blogger or on BlogBing, just buy a domain name at low price for the first purchase from Godaddy or from BIgrock and finally map your domain to your blog

Eg: How to use your domain with Blogger - Bigrock

Now you have to create or access your Facebook account and search for "content writing" in the search bar and like every related pages and follow the targetted groups. Also, send friend request to the people related to blogging industry and content writing people. Now you have to like and comment relevently on the followed groups and liked pages for nearly two days. Because Facebook Feeds are displayed by the algorithm where the people starts engaing to a particular topic. After a couple of days you will notice several people posting their updates related to blogging, SEO, Content writing, Adsense, Websites and Hiring posts as well. Then contact personally the person who leaves a comment that he/she needs a good content writer. Also, mention him/her that you are the blog owner for the respective blog and writing contents on it. To see the sample projects/articles you can visit my website.

Always try to convince the BOSS by sending him the messages that attracts him/her to the extend. Also, mention that you will do several revision and be loyal to your content writing jobs. After a couple of week you may have completed atleast 15-10 articles to your BOSS. Now note down every link where your articles got published and start buying a domain name with your name. Usually, general names .com are already taken so try using another extensions TLDs such as .net .party or .guru etc. Then map your domain name to the free website hosting company as your website is a static website, you don't need any live hosting packages to be purchased. There are several free Wordpress powered free hosting company available, but genuinely I could recoommend you to create an acoount on Hostinger or on BlogBing. Now with the Hostinger account you can create a Drag and Drop website with their builder.
For eg- view my Portfolio site http://www.sathish.party hosted freely on Hostinger.in

In your website you should display the link to your old projects and samples also. So, that while getting the content writing job you can get maximum chances by showcasing your PORTFOLIO in a better manner.

At final you have created the website at very low cost showing your complete portfolio.
Now create 10 Freelance account in major Freelance Job websites such as Truelancer, Freelancer, Elance, etc. with the help of 10 mail account.
Then bid the projects that are displayed in the Content Writing category of the above websites with the 10 accounts simultaneously. I am damn sure you could get the JOB without any issue. If you get good response in any of your account, then just PM the user about you full portfolio website which you have created in the last step.

You can also get quality BOSS using Craiglist website. But be aware that most of the people just post the advt to get your mail id. Make sure you connect to the right person.

So what next? You are perfect with the handsome amount of writing jobs in your hand. Just work during your spare time increase your amount of salary per article as you go to the next level. Never settle for LOW just aim HIGH to achieve awesomeness.

Be patience and cool just compliment your BOSS in every way and maintain a good relationship with them. They could probably suggest you virally and then you gain maximum profit with your hard effort which you have come through before.
To look more professional, just send your BOSS/CLIENTS the Invoice using the Free account using Zoho Invoice.
While making payment make sure you have sent all details including the ISFC code. (For fater action save the details in your notepad or in any section)

You will notice atleast 10 writing jobs via Facebook feeds while you interact with this particular topic.

Thanks for reading my FIRST post in my favorite FIAMFORUM.com. :smajlik59:

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