5 Reasons Why People Fail to Make Money Online

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5 Reasons Why People Fail to Make Money Online

Postby Aman » Sun Dec 06, 2015 6:08 pm

It is not actually a big deal to earn money online in today’s world,what actually is the big problem among people today is to find something that really “works”. Some people never get a good start, some start well and fail to establish a proper source of income down the road,but, positively “many” people have found the perfect formula to make money online.I believe making money is more about our own mindset rather than anything else in the external world.

So,lets discuss 5 major reasons that I think is what makes it hard for people to make any real money in the online world.

1) Earn Money Fast Scams: People come to the online business world with the aim of making money quickly because they view online business like lottery.A lot of people waste their precious time and money on earn money fast schemes because they are not aware that making money online is much similar to the real world.

2) “Free” Is a Word That Works Like Magic: Our mind is easily attracted to things that are available for “free”. We fail to see that whenever we get something for free there is some sort of price to pay.By mentioning price here,I don’t mean just money, it could be your time,effort or personal information.It is very important to investigate and understand the business to which you are getting into.Its  like a food cooked by somebody unknown may satisfy your hunger ,but you never know what the ingredients were and your body only would tell that to you later..can you see the point I am trying to make here? Be sure to confirm about the reputation and  reliability of the business to which you are getting into.

3) The Lack of Knowledge: This is the reason which I find is the major cause behind the failure of people who are trying to make money online.The more you are prepared with the information and knowledge about how money is made in the online world,the safer you will be while trying to earn some.If you do not have any proper knowledge of online business then it is better to join some good training for knowing and building up the online business because then only you would be able to understand the online money making methods.I suggest wealthy affiliate for online business training and support.

4) Unwilling to Invest Money and Time: I don’t think people who want to earn money without willing to pay the price that it takes to achieve success could find something that works here over the internet apart from betting or online casinos.You can either find a legitimate good job after doing a good and smart research.Or you can build your own online business, in the job you will have to invest time and for owning your online business you will have to invest both your time and money.In order to build a firm and permanent online business you will have to invest for like Web hosting, Domain name, Marketing and advertising (This is a later stage). Moreover, you will have to learn website building, search engine optimization, monetizing your website etc or you will have to hire someone for doing all these for you.

5) The Lack of Persistence: Another major reason that I find for the failure behind those people who have tried to make some money in the online business is the lack of persistence.When you have a job you get paid for the work you do,but when you run a business you get paid for the work and the “risk” that you take .So, without persistence and a strong determination to learn and grow more, anybody would never be able to taste the joy of success in the business world.I hope you found this helpful, feel free to ask any question regarding this below.


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Re: 5 Reasons Why People Fail to Make Money Online

Postby TheDreamer » Thu Dec 24, 2015 8:25 pm

Well said aman.

Some people always looking for Click n Rich System.


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Re: 5 Reasons Why People Fail to Make Money Online

Postby TaniaIslam » Sun Apr 23, 2017 4:33 am

I think there is various ways to it, but the obvious reason why people actually struggle to do that is because there is no proper way to it. We mostly look for short cuts or stuff that got no seriousness about it. However, I have only preferred work like Forex trading which is easily the best to do with broker like OctaFX since they enable me to work confidently to do with the 50% deposit bonus that is available and helps up with trading.

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