Increase Your Product’s Popularity By Two Fold Using Blogs

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Increase Your Product’s Popularity By Two Fold Using Blogs

Postby BloggingGuru » Sun Nov 15, 2015 7:52 pm

In today’s world, blogs are one of the best ways to communicate people online. If you are a company, you can increase your product’s popularity by two fold using a blog. Not only companies, but also every service provider creates a blog about it. Four Hour Work Week is one of the famous books and also one of the top sellers. Tim Ferris had a blog by the same name and added more popularity to the book. Here’s how blogs can hep your product’s popularity to grow:

Attract Audience:

Blogs have the capability to attract a large audience. Using a blog, you can create fans for your service. I have seen few companies that start a blog for their product which are set to release one month later. In this way, before launching, you get people interested in your product. Once you create a buzz about your product or company, the advertisement costs can be reduced.

Get A Name:

When you have blog and get many people to talk about your product, surely your company will get a good name. You, sometimes get linked from big sources which will make your company or product famous. Also blogs build your company’s/product’s brand. Using blogs you can answer the questions of your audience. This will create buzz and bring more popularity to your company or product.

How To Achieve These In 6 Easy Steps:

1. Create a blog and set it up in WordPress.

2. Write Content.

3. Give a free product to those who subscribe.

4. Keep them updated with the launch of the product.

5. Get popular in sites like StumbleUpon and Digg by writing great articles.

6. Launch Your Product.

Here’s a tip for those who can’t create great content:

Hire a freelance writer who is well experienced.

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