How to Make Money Online in Pakistan

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How to Make Money Online in Pakistan

Postby Suresh » Fri Feb 12, 2016 4:04 pm

Making Money Online in Pakistan is the Hottest and top searched topic now-a-days. Few years ago it is equally popular in European Countries Like USA, UK and Canada but it was looking difficult to do any online business in under developed countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Siri-Lanka etc. In the start of 2013 many peoples know its is really possible to make money online in all over the world and now there are many sources available online for doing a secure business with very less or without any investments. We (Under-developed countries) easily trapped by fraud working companies. Therefore I start a series from today where I will share all real and working making money ways with you. I will prefer all those ways which are possible in Asian countries like Pakistan and India etc.Today we only see Generic types and possible ways of Online businesses and available real sources. After this post I discussed each and every possible way in detail on the topic how we earn decent money from internet.According to me, there are four General possible ways to Make Money from Internet which are given below :

#1 Working as a Freelancer to Make Money Online: This is a very old and popular way of doing work in online market. If you have any skill like Web Designing, Web Development, Software Development, Graphic designing, SEO / SEM Marketing, Videos editing or any other you have. If you don’t have any computer skill don’t worry, you will still work as a freelancer by writing articles, as a content writer for different websites, by typing documents, Work as a translator etc. In fact, you are free to choose any work you want to do in the online market. It is similar to real worlds. People give you tasks and you will be paid for as reward. For Freelancer many websites are available online. Most popular are oDesk and Freelancer. (Freelancer Also start a separate website for Pakistanis

#2 Making Money from Blogging: Work as a freelancer  is difficult in start because people don’t trust you and you are not expert to bidding there. So the Second way comes which is called blogging. For this you need a website or a blog. After starting a site put some useful content on it and monetize it using different PPC Advertising networks like Google Adsense, BuySell Ads etc. It is easy for students specially. It require very less investment (for domain $10) and you may start a free blog using blogger (blogspot) or WordPress.Com. I also start my online career from blogging.

#3 Earn via Affiliate Marketing: This is another biggest way to earn revenue online. In affiliate marketing you need to sell other products online and you will got a very heavy commission on each selling product (from 20% to 70% commission). If you have a blog or site and regular visitors It is not a difficult to sell affiliate products on your site. You may use social media site like Facebook and Google plus etc to sell these products and earn money from it. It pays very high then Adsense and other advertising networks. Many big blogs use this method as a primary revenue method and do not give priority to Adsense.

#4 Start Your Own Online Business: Staring an Online business is also not very difficult now. But its might be not possible for students because you need some investments to start a business. Any type of business you can start. Mostly eCommerce Websites comes in this category where people do online shopping and you earn money online as well as offline. You may provide services to your online customers. Some ideas for Online Businesses are :Start Hosting Company (You can start with Re-seller Hosting Accounts with less Investments)Web Designing / IT Company (You may hire Developers for your projects if you have not any skills)Call Centers (This is also a form of Online Business)Teach Students Online (Teaching is another very popular way to earn money online)What Should I choose ?Today I only give a generic view of all possible ways which are real and peoples successfully earning using these online ways. Do not confuse, Choose any of them. I will discuss every method in detail in later posts and I will make it easy for you to choose your desire method of earning. Keep in touch.

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Re: How to Make Money Online in Pakistan

Postby TaniaIslam » Sun Apr 23, 2017 4:20 am

I’d say just one thing and that is country is irrelevant when you talk about earning online. If you got skills then you can do it no matter where you operate from. I am doing Forex trading which is a legitimate business and I operate through OctaFX which too is licensed by FCA and are also a true ECN for which they have even won the award, it’s extremely pleasing for me to work with them and benefits me in major way.

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