Affiliate Marketers Story - Failure to Success Affiliate Marketing Campaign

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Affiliate Marketers Story - Failure to Success Affiliate Marketing Campaign

Postby Suresh » Sun Feb 21, 2016 12:26 pm

Hello all,

Follow along on my journey to leave the corporate garbage world once and for good! I know a good handful of people personally that have made IM work, so I have visual proof that it does work. I just have to make it work for myself
I loaded up the recommended 1k to Go2Mobi and they even gave me an extra $200 bonus for the deposit
I'm going to be exclusively running Pin Submit / SOI type offers.
Not sure exactly what I want to drill further into with these offers.. I think I'm more comfortable running utility, game, sweepstakes type of pinsubmit offers.

January 2016 onward: $100 a day by the end of each month. (Feb $200, Mar $300.. etc)
June 2016: At least $500 steady/average income a day and quit my job forever.

After calculating, I will need $350 a day in order to live the comfortable life I want without a full time corporate job.

Question before I start for fellow Pin Submit runners: Do you guys pick a specific "sub-niche" within pinsubmit/SOI offers or just look at pinsbmit as a whole and just run what converts the best? eg, some adult, dating, utility, sweepstake, voucher, whatsapp offers.

Affiliate Networks (I'm a part of more, but either the AM doesn't respond or there aren't mobile pin-submit/soi offers): Tapgerine, Adsimilis, F5, Avazu, Affiliaxe, Peerfly
Traffic Source: Go2Mobi (for now)
Tracking: None for now since I'm following the appetizer. But it will probably be Voluum.
Linking: Direct, for now.
Bidding: Auto (based off the Appetizer)
Budget: $30 a day per campaign (based off the Appetizer. I have a higher budget to spend however).

So far I have had terrible luck. Ran 8 campaigns and not a single conversion. As to the reason why, I am baffled. Currently waiting for 2 to get approved.
Here are the offers I have run:

1st campaign:
Offer: Micro Security Essentials - Pin Submit
Geo: Kenya
Network: Adsimilis
Payout: $.55
Results (total for all 16 banners as I tried two different angles):
Clicks: 1,186
CTR%: 0.81
Conversions: 0
Revenue: 0
Cost: $36.08

Highest Clicked Banner:

Notes: AM didn't actually help me find an offer since he wasn't responding. So I picked an offer under $1 that was in a foreign GEO as recommended.
Used PIXLR to edit and create the banner.

Offer URL example: roSecurityKenya&s2={clickid}
That seems to look right since Adsimilis is using Cake.

Postback URL example: .h.ttp:/./ xxx&clickid=#s2#&payout=#price#

Most of my clicks are showing up back in Adsimilis so I believe the URL's are setup correctly.
Spoke with Go2Mobi and they said the offers looks good from their end.

I decided that the offer was not working anymore, so I decided to run another offer in a different Geo:

Offer: Battery Saver - Pin Submit
Geo: Ghana
Network: Adsimilis
Payout: $.20
Results (total for all 8 banners as I tried 1 angle this time):
Clicks: 381
CTR%: 1.51
Conversions: 0
Revenue: 0
Cost: $5.26

Stopped the campaign as all the banners ran x3 times the payout.

Highest Clicked Banner:


I'm not worried about the money I'm losing at this point, but am really annoyed of the fact that I'm getting 0 conversions.

Since I got nothing back from my AM at adsimilis, I decided to grab an offer from Tapgerine.

Offer: ADDA Games - Pin Submit
Geo: India
Network: Tapgerine
Payout: $.25
Results (total for all 16 banners as I tried 1 angle this time, but half Hindi, half English):
Clicks: 948
CTR%: .63
Conversions: 0
Revenue: 0
Cost: $47.25

Highest Clicked Banner:


Offer URL example: xxx&aff_id=xxxxx&aff_sub=racingaddagames&aff_sub2= {clickid}
I hope I did this right since Tapgerine doesn't run Cake.

postback URL: xxxxxxx&clickid={aff_sub2}&payout={payout}
Again, I hope this worked right as I am seeing clicks in tapgerine.

Discouraged, I stupidly grabbed a US sweepstakes offer for Quiznos.
Offer: $100 Quiznos Gift Card
Geo: US
Network: Tapgerine
Payout: $1
Results (total for all 8 banners, all Gifs instead of static like the others above):
Clicks: 46
CTR%: .49
Conversions: 0
Revenue: 0
Cost: $22.26 (cut since the Appetizer said to get around $20)
my cpm was a whopping $2.34. I ran through the budget without any information.

I tested the offer since I was US and it didnt require a phone number submit, so I knew the offer worked.
But I'm so fed up with seeing a fat 0 for every single campaign.

So, now.. my Adsimilis AM reached out to me, and he decided to assign me a different AM since he's actually a super high up director and has been very preoccupied. my old and new AM spent the next couple hours chatting with me and finding out the offers that would work with me (which I really appreciated!). I gave them a list of offers I picked and they said they were doing very poor.
They gave my a list of well converting offers and I narrowed down the list and picked 3. One of which I got up and ran.

Offer: Next Level Anti Virus
Geo: Malaysia
Network: Adsimilis
Payout: $1.75
Results (total for all 8 banners, all Gifs and text translated to malay):
Clicks: 247
CTR%: 1.00%
Conversions: 0
Revenue: 0
Cost: $24.88

Most popular banner:

Currently I am waiting for two offers to be approved.
Both are sweepstakes offers. 1 for an iphone 6 in the Phillippines and an iphone 6s offer in Iraq.

Here is an example of the banners I'm going to run for these:

As a wrap up for my initial, LONG post (sorry guys) I'm really getting tired and frustrated.
I've spent hours and hours making banners, talking with AM's, and researching through some Super Affiliate Marketers.
My banners have moved from really boring and basic, to animated.. but still no results.
I've tried tailoring my Angles/Banner styles to match the provided Landing Pages from the AffNetworks as well.
Is it normal to run through 8+ campaigns and get 0 conversions in total? It makes it incredibly difficult to figure out what I can do better/change.

Its been quite a while and the result is none. Main reason is I was doing what every newbie does and scraps something when it doesn't work and searches for the next vertical that "seems" to work.
After screwing around I decided to try and stay focused.
I then decided.. hey, everyone is running POPs and Sweeps, I want in on that action!
So by first week in January 2016 I got in touch with an awesome AM and saw my first conversion ever come from a sweepstakes campaign! SHOUT OUT TO DARREN AT MUNDO MEDIA!
After starting to get campaigns closer to break even profit, and starting seeing profit early in January, I paused all my sweepstakes campaigns.
Reason being is I didn't really have motivation to run Sweepstakes campaigns.
Mid January I figured that I would jump on the mobile gaming vertical.
I signed up to a bunch of new gaming/cpi networks and tried running some offers with display traffic... Back in the rut I was in when I started. $20 revenue, $300 spend.. No thanks.
I stopped everything one more time and really sat back to assess where I've come so far. Yeah, I'm making forward progress.. but it is slow.. slower than I want.
Then a bright idea came into my head. It went a little something like "Hey, you idiot.. didn't POP traffic actually work for you compared to everything else?" DING DING DING!
Got in touch with my AM at Mundo, got my hands on a utility app campaign with no caps on January 15, 2016.
Ripped some landers, created angles and launched in multiple geos after the first geo did +50% on RON!


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Re: Affiliate Marketers Story - Failure to Success Affiliate Marketing Campaign

Postby letsroll » Thu May 05, 2016 11:03 pm


I would like to know more about your experience. Like banners doesn't work as pop ads do, how do I check the correct offer after consulting AM, pop traffic source example (if you don want to share your source). Examples of angles changing and did you spy on competitors to rip the lander or its all of your idea. It will be really great if you can help me in this. I would also like to know the current status of your growth and does this process makes it easy to scale up. I have been trying to do the same stuff but am not able to get through it.

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